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Introduction and Institution Mission

About the Institute of Innovative Science and Technology

Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology (IIST) has been established as a separate entity within the university in order to cultivate staff members who are able to perform leading-edge international research, and who are also capable of mentoring young researchers in the next generation.

The IIST supports people who are highly talented to cultivate researchers in the next generation through education and research by improving their international research capability and mentoring ability in an ideal research environment which includes overseas study.

Innovative Academic Promotional System in Private Schools Capable of Reproducing First-Rate Researchers

The IIST was established in 2010 as its first year. As well as building a material and personnel support system, we also set up the Institute of Innovative Science and Technology Steering Committee to put in place a smooth-running governing structure.

We are carrying out international public recruitment to find tenure candidates and have already accepted 4 tenure track researchers in the Medical Science Division up until FY2011.
Continuous recruitment of 1〜2 tenure track researcher(s) every year is scheduled including the Science and Engineering field.

Primary Work

Provision of Research Environment
The new tenure track researchers are to be provided with laboratories, research facilities, and equipment, and in addition to an assistant to support their research, they are also assigned a mentor researcher as an advisor.
Implementation of Research and Education Activities
In addition to carrying out their research, tenure track researchers will learn from their mentor researcher about research ethics and basic statistics. They will also obtain the knowledge, information, and behavior needed to become mentor researchers themselves in the future through participation in seminars and workshops.
Preparation for Collaboration with Overseas Institutions in Researcher Cultivation
Tenure track researchers in the Medical Science Division will be primed on the detailed conditions for participating in an MSCI (Master of Science in Clinical Investigation) program in the USA. Also in the Science and Engineering field, tenure track researchers are to link up with overseas institutions in their researches.
Symposiums about the tenure track program are to be held to broaden understanding of the program inside and outside Tokai University as well as to build relations with other institutions.

Institute Information

Name of Institute Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology (IIST)
Address 4-1-1 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka City,
Kanagawa 259-1292 JAPAN
Founded July 1, 2010
Institute Director kouhei Cho (Professor, School of Science)
Deputy Director Minoru Kimura (Professor, School of Medicine)
Director of Medical Science Division Kou Sakabe (Dean, school of Medical, Professor)