FAQ for 2016

  How large is the space I can use personally?

We are preparing office space of approximately 20m2. The layout and other aspects of the space are subject to change according to one’s research field.

  Will I never be tenured before the end of the fifth year?
You may be tenured if the mid-term performance evaluation in the third year is highly scored.
  What is the chance of getting tenured?
Each case differs. We are looking for applicants who hold promise for tenure and sufficient tenured positions are available. As per appointing tenured researchers, the applicant’s potential will be strictly assessed, including his/ her performance during the tenure-track period.
A review of the tenure-track results as of April 1, 2016 indicates that 100 % of the tenure-track researchers in the Institute and 80 of the tenure-track researchers of the Medical Division in the Institute have successfully obtained tenured positions.
  You note that you are prepared to welcome female researchers. What support and options are available to female researchers?
Peri- and post-natal leave, and maternity leave are available. Shortened working hours for childcare are also available. In addition to being committed to creating an ideal working environment for both men and women, Our University promotes supportive measures for female researchers from the point of view of “Work Life Balance” in cooperation with other organizations within the University. For more details, please visit the Tokai University Work Life Balance Promotion Office’s website at http://www.wlb.u-tokai.ac.jp (Japanese website only).
  You indicate that there is assistance for those living abroad with housing options. What kind of assistance is available?
We provide assistance with locating housing options. The IIST staff will provide assistance tailored to your circumstances.
  How much is the salary?
Salaries vary according to age and career. We have made the necessary accommodations to make sure that the annual income will not decrease upon full-time employment five years later. The annual salary is approximately 7,200,000 yen, if you are hired as a tenure-track associate professor. This is paid as a monthly wage.