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Message from the Director

  Dr. kouhei Cho
Institute Director

Continuing in the spirit of the school’s founder Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, Tokai University pursues the ideal of nurturing staff with a strong sense of purpose and a deep sense of humanity who will shape the future. While guaranteeing top quality education, the University’s main mission is for our researchers working in leading-edge and applied fields to not only maintain high levels of research but also train the upcoming generation of staff through their research activities. Until now, the University’s various faculties have taken a leading role in research by building up a large research staff and rich resources, and they have also carried out numerous state-sponsored research programs.

Based on these achievements, our newly established Institute of Innovative Science and Technology will create the “pinnacle” of emerging research, first in medicine and then in science and engineering, and cultivate young researchers into a separate cross-faculty rank of mentors. To date, there has been a tendency to bring together the strength of many researchers by selecting people from within Tokai University with excellent research capability in science and technology. In the new institution, the key point is to pick young researchers with high research capability from outside the University and nurture them into a group of broad-minded mentor researchers. The aim is for those researchers to start a cycle of cultivation of new research staff that will eventually make a major contribution to Japanese clinical and applied research and in medical related and science and technology related research. It goes without saying that this will require individuals with strong research ability, but another vital element is an international perspective in their research and the ability to mutually collaborate and integrate different areas of investigation. Even in the laser field, which is my own specialty, it is important to mutually cooperate not only on laser research but also in the research fields of electronics and material science. It is extremely difficult to lead the field as a global researcher without such reciprocal collaboration to bring out each person’s ingenuity.

The program of “Innovative Academic Promotional System in Private Schools Capable of Reproducing First-Rate Researchers” being run at the Institute of Innovative Science and Technology is a kind of initiating agent for the reform of research and educational staff development at Tokai University. During the program’s implementation and even after it has finished, the University will completely support and continue making practical programs part of official graduate school curricula. In our aim to be a global center of research and education, we intend to create a place for open staff cultivation and contribute to the wider society, for which we trust we can rely on your continuing cooperation and support.