Should I have a physician’s license?
Physician’s license is not required as long as you have the potential to lead research on humans not only as an animal species but also as “human beings” suffering from various diseases.
How much is the salary?

The salary varies depending on the age and career. We have made necessary considerations to make sure that the annual income will not decrease upon full-time employment five years later. The annual salary would be approximately 7,200,000 yen, if you are hired as a tenure track associate professor. If you have a Japanese physician's license, it could be added. Monthly wage is given at a per-month rate.

Is studying abroad obligatory?
The duration of studying abroad would vary if you have lived abroad. However, in principle, you would have to take, for example, the MSCI course of Vanderbilt University for one to two years.
Are human supports provided?
You can hire research assistants. In addition, you can use supports from the Education-Research Support Centers that currently have 36 technical staff.
How large is the space I can use personally?
We are preparing office and laboratory spaces, each 18 square meters in size (a total of 36 square meters). The layout and other aspects of these spaces are subject to changes for some research fields.
Will I never be tenured for five years?
You may be tenured if the mid-term evaluation in Year 2013 gives you high scores. In addition, tenure-track researchers who are considered to have made excellent achievements can be promoted while on the tenure-track.
What is the chance of getting tenured?
We cannot be specific about the chance. We are looking for candidates who are promising for tenure, and sufficient tenure positions are open. As per appointing tenured researchers, the applicant’s potential will be strictly assessed, including his/her performance during the tenure-track period.
Can I practice medicine to polish my medical skills?
Maintaining research activity is essential. You are allowed to practice medicine given that you follow our school’s work regulations. We do not oblige you to practice medicine.
You describe that “we assist those living abroad with housing
depending on their needs”. What assistance do you provide?
Our assistance is as much as to help find housing. IIST staff counsel according to the circumstances.
You describe that “we are prepared to welcome female researchers
(contact us for details)”. What support and options do you have?
We have available appointment extensions for reasons such as childbirth, peri- and post-natal leave, and maternity leave. Also available is shortened working hours for childcare.
What fields are included in “medicine-related fields”?
Fields that are literally related to medicine are of course included. The requisite for us is to nurture the talents who in future will lead human subject research.