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International Public Advertisement for Tenure Track Researcher(Science and Engineering) for 2014

September 2013

Under the 2013 tenure track program supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, Tokai University, hereinafter referred to as “Our University”, is currently recruiting a tenure track research position of science and engineering at the TOKAI UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF INNOVATIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (IIST) that will be employed in 2014.

Our university is seeking personnel who can support the school’s future in research by pursuing a high impact research theme in a science and engineering field with the will and potential to collaborate with different fields.

Tenure track researchers who are recognized as competent after the midterm evaluation held in the third year, and the final evaluation in the fifth year, will be appointed as a full-time tenured researchers. For application, please read the following information.

Available Position

One tenure track researcher (Science and Engineering)
* Academic rank (Assistant Professor, Lecturer, or Associate Professor) will be determined upon impartial judges by the University panels.



Research Field

Any areas related to the fields of;

  • Environment and/or Energy (e.g., natural resources / biomass energy / renewable energy / water saving and recycling)
  • Technologies & systems of green innovation, environment-friendly energy, energy conservation
    (e.g., innovative and efficient process engineering systems / novel mechanical, electrical and electronic systems)

Qualification Requirements

  • As of April 1, 2014, applicants are required to have a doctoral degree obtained within 10 years of the aforementioned date, to have work experience as an assistant professor, a postdoctoral fellow or an equivalent position, and significant accomplishments in research. Under 40 years old as of October 25, 2013.
  • Although Japanese language ability is not required, most communication while on the tenure-track is in Japanese or English.
  • Applicants should not fall within any of the categories of ineligibility set out in the Article 9 of the School Education Law, JAPAN.

Term of Employment

From April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2019 on an annual contract basis.
Researchers who receive a high evaluation at the midterm evaluation in 2016 may be assigned to a tenure position.

Application Documents

  1. Prescribed application form (Formats can be downloaded from the Institute’s website.)

    Application Documents
    a) A summary of research achievements: Provide a list of books, peer-reviewed papers, articles presented at international conferences, commentaries, review papers, etc. Please also specify keynote speeches and invited guest lectures in the list if any.
    b) A list of activities in academic conferences and societies, contributions to education, and acquired patents
    c) A summary of past research activities: Approximately two pages of A4 or letter size in length (Diagrams may be included.)
    d) A research plan: Approximately three pages of A4 or letter size in length (Diagrams may be included.)
    e) Comments regarding the future potential of your research plan: One page of A4 or letter size in length (Diagrams may be included.) including policies regarding education
    f) A list of external research funding obtained to date. (Specify any representative or partners in the funding if any, and the funding allocated to the applicant.)
    g) A list of the referees with their addresses and contact information: List for three referees
  2. Copies of five representative papers (Duplicate copy or PDF format is also allowed.)
  3. Three letters of recommendation or reference from the referees listed in “g)” (These letters should be sent directly by the referees to our University.)
  4. Additional documents may be requested during the selection process if necessary.

* All documents must be written in English. However, if some presentation or publication contents are in Japanese, those portions can be documented in Japanese. (e.g., for presentations made to a Japanese academic society or patents acquired in Japan.)
* The documents submitted shall not be returned.


October 25, 2013 (Friday), 5:00PM at Japan Standard Time (UTC/GMT+9:00)
All documents must be submitted via email as attachments to the TOKAI UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF INNOVATIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’s email address iist-office@tsc.u-tokai.ac.jp by the deadline, with hard-copy documents to follow.

Submission of Application Documents

Please send application documents by the above deadline to the TOKAI UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF INNOVATIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Formats can be downloaded from the institute’s website.

In addition to the application documents via email, a hard copy of original documents must be sent by mail with delivery confirmation (registered mail, etc.) to prove its delivery by the submission deadline. (No later than October 25, 2013.) Applications received after the deadline will not be processed for selection.

*Please provide “Application for Science and Engineering” at the first line of subject when sending application documents via email.
*Please write “Application for Science and Engineering” in red ink on the outside of an envelope enclosed the original copy of application documents.

[Submitted to]
Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology
4-1-1 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa 259-1292 JAPAN
E-mail: iist-office@tsc.u-tokai.ac.jp

The letters of recommendation or reference should be sent directly from the referees’ to the above address.


  1. 1st screening: Application documents review
    The results will be informed to applicants by the end of November.
  2. 2nd screening (for qualifiers only): Interviews and presentations to be planned in December, 2013 or later.

    1. Conduct in English.
    2. Applicants who have obtained significant research funding for their research activities, or who are currently applying or are planning to do so should make reference to those research plans for the presentations.
    3. Candidates will be informed of further details of interviews and presentations at a later date.


Perform research activities based on the research plan submitted at the time of application.
Teach some undergraduate and/or graduate school classes related to your research areas. (Includes classes in English)
Provide guidance on research activities and writing thesis for graduate school students including overseas students.
Write and publish research papers.
Make presentations at academic meetings, including international conferences.
Work actively to obtain external research funding. (Tenure track researchers are allowed to engage in research for competitive research funding during the term of their employment.)
Make research results presentation at symposiums sponsored or co-hosted by the Institute.
Other duties considered necessary by the Director of the Institute.

Working Conditions

Work location is the Shonan campus of Tokai University.
Overseas resident applicants will receive support in securing accommodation as required.
The employment conditions and regulations of the Tokai University educational system shall apply as deemed appropriate.
Intellectual property rights for inventions made during the period of employment shall belong to the Tokai University Educational System in accordance with the University’s regulations on the handling of intellectual property rights.


Payment will be made in accordance with the University’s rules and regulations.

Research Support and Others

5,000,000 yen as a start-up fund (including the cost of shared use facilities) and 3,000,000 yen as a research fund will respectively be provided in the first fiscal year. From the second year, 500,000 yen will be deducted from the amount of the research fund granted in the previous year.
Laboratory space and office space of approximately 18m2 each will be provided for each researcher.
More than one assistant such as research assistant can be hired.
A common research facility in the University.
Researchers can receive support from mentor staff (full-time teaching staff) or support staff.
The Institute is fully sent up to accept female researchers.
Technical and clerical assistance is available.

Requirement to Full-time University Staff

If a tenure track researcher recruited at this time is deemed sufficiently competent after the midterm evaluation in the third year and final evaluation in the fifth year, the researcher will be hired as a full-time lecturer or associate professor (or a full-time professor if the researcher is acknowledged to have outstanding performance) from April 2019. The researcher will be assigned to schools and departments of our University where the expertise can be fully executed (basically in the school of medicine). In case the researcher is recognized as having made exceptional research accomplishment, even if in less than five years, the researcher may be assigned to a full-time tenure position.


Should you have any questions, please e-mail the Institute.


Tokai University Institute of Innovative Science and Technology
4-1-1 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa 259-1292 JAPAN
Phone: +81-463-50-2532
Facsimile: +81-463-50-2478
E-mail: iist-office@tsc.u-tokai.ac.jp

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